My name is Telyn, and I’m a college-level math educator. I have an M.Sc. in math, and have won awards for my math abilities and my teaching. I believe that everyone – and I mean everyone – can do math if they learn it in the right way. My mission is to make sure that this happens – to bring math to the people: all the people.

I am currently teaching part-time at the University of the Fraser Valley, and am also currently working as a math tutor in Burnaby and Vancouver. I am able to help with almost all college, university, and high school-level math courses. Check my tutoring page, for more information about my tutoring services.

I also believe that those students who can’t afford my tutoring services deserve access to my teaching as well. For this reason, I offer free online tutorials via youtube. They are a good way to get free extra help, as well as a good way to check out my teaching before hiring me as a tutor.