My Teaching Philosophy

There are a lot of people who have trouble with math, in my experience, this trouble occurs for one of four reasons:

  1. a student’s math course moves too fast for them, and they end up being left behind
  2. in the last math course a student took, they either had a bad teacher, or ended up barely passing, and their lack of background knowledge is making their current math course hard to understand
  3. the way in which the material is explained doesn’t fit within the student’s learning style: they don’t have enough examples, or don’t have enough visual cues, or aren’t given the chance to work through things on their own, or don’t have enough interaction with the teacher
  4. math anxiety

I believe that every one of these obstacles can be overcome if a student has the right attention from the right teacher, and I hope that I can be that right teacher. I aim to adapt my teaching style to each individual student. I try to make sure that each student receives the right instruction at the right pace. I build math from the ground up with students who need it, so that no one is lost due to lack of background knowledge. I try to gauge each student’s learning style so that I can provide explanations that fit well within it. And I try to make sure that students are encouraged and given confidence so that they can overcome any anxiety that they have about the subject.

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