• 7 terms experience teaching (full course responsibility) at the post-secondary level
  • 5 years of Teaching Assistant experience in mathematics at the university level
  • 10+ years part-time and 2.5 years full-time tutoring experience
  • M.Sc. in Mathematics
  • completed coursework in Provincial Instructor Diploma Program; will receive diploma in 2014
  • experience teaching a variety of mathematics courses from college algebra to calculus
  • won awards for teaching, research, and academics
  • native speaker of Canadian English


  • ability to explain complicated concepts in both mathematical and ordinary language
  • excellent oral and written communications skills
  • use of interactive learning activities; ability to encourage students to participate actively
  • knowledge and experience of various techniques for creating intrinsic motivation in students
  • passion for turning struggling students into competent students
  • ability to teach in either lecture-based or problem-based course formats
  • awareness and observation of students’ individual strengths, difficulties, and needs
  • individualization of instruction to meet individual students’ needs and learning styles
  • ability to motivate and support students with exceptional difficulty learning mathematics
  • creativity required to make math interesting, exciting, and fun
  • enthusiasm for mathematics which inspires students to excel
  • ability to keep course organized, and manage time while teaching
  • ability to “think on my feet” to respond to students’ questions
  • creation of reliable, valid, and fair tests and other assessments
  • use of interactive computer programs and other technological aids to support instruction
  • design and creation of class websites, forums, and wikis to enrich learning
  • ability to develop and implement curriculum
  • ability to support students with non-intellectual issues such as math anxiety


University of the Fraser Valley (9/2012 – present, Abbotsford, BC)

  • sessional instructor position; Mathematics and Statistics department
  • taught courses in basic algebra and functions, precalculus, and calculus
  • helped many students who were struggling succeed and excel
  • experience using an interactive, accessible, learner-focused teaching style
  • acquired a reputation among students as an excellent teacher
  • experience using various forms of technology in and out of the classroom

Edutism Education Corp. (1/2013 – present, Vancouver, BC)

  • content developer; developing materials for online calculus courses
  • experience breaking down material into modules to make it easier to learn
  • experience working with various forms of teaching technology 

Thompson Rivers University (6/2012 – 8/2012, Kamloops, BC)

  • sessional instructor; University Preparation department
  • taught precalculus upgrading course

Champlain Regional College (6/2009 – 7/2011, St.-Lambert, Quebec)

  • instructor; Mathematics department
  • taught linear algebra and calculus courses to science and commerce students


Self-employed Tutoring 1998 – present (Montreal, Quebec & Vancouver, BC)

  • started tutoring part-time in 1998, tutoring full-time between 1/2010 and 6/2012
  • founded and operated tutoring business
  • worked with diverse youth and adult students with high school to university courses
  • extensive experience working with students with difficulty learning mathematics
  • adapted my teaching to the needs and pace of each particular student

McGill University (1/2007 – 12/2008, Montreal, Quebec)

  • teaching assistant; Mathematics and Statistics department
  • taught tutorial sections of first- and second-year courses in calculus and algebra
  • won award for excellence as a TA

Queen’ University (1/2004 – 4/2006, Kingston, Ontario)

  • teaching assistant; Mathematics and Statistics department
  • taught tutorial sections of linear algebra course


Provincial Instructor Diploma Program (4/2011 – present)

  • School of Instructor Education, Vancouver Community College
  • program designed to help instructors in various institutions become better at teaching
  • completed all courses required for diploma; plan to complete Capstone Project in winter 2014
  • learning about instructional strategies, practical classroom skills, evaluation of learning, etc.
  • new knowledge about education has inspired me to improve my teaching methods


M.Sc. (Pure Mathematics) (graduated 2/2009)

  • McGill University, Montreal, Quebec
  • thesis topic: foundations of mathematics and algebraic set theory
  • supported by a Canada Graduate Scholarship


B.A. (Honours: Mathematics and Philosophy) (graduated 6/2006)

  • Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario
  • Prince of Wales Prize (honourable mention) – faculty-wide academic award
  • supported by a Chancellor’s Scholarship
  • exposed to many excellent teachers whom I have aspired to emulate


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